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How COVID-19 Is A Watershed Moment For Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a ray of hope for parents who find themselves unintentionally homeschooling their children during school closures. Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, eLearning is giving millions of families hope during this pandemic.

Online education: A Beacon Of Hope During COVID-19

Since WHO proclaimed COVID-19 a pandemic, chaos has been the routine of the day. Nothing has been the same since the world came to an abrupt halt due to a single microscopic organism. With school closures occurring all around the world, it has even put the right to an education in jeopardy, but like every previous major crisis, online tutoring is growing rapidly. Similar to how the Cold War sparked a race in weaponry, EdTech firms are prospering as worldwide demand for online education soars.

There has also been a lot of uncertainty, and a virus that was first detected in Wuhan, China, has now spread throughout the entire planet. It is undoubtedly upsetting to see the number of cases increase around the world, especially in countries like Italy, Spain, and the United States, which is currently the center of the novel coronavirus. Over 120 countries have seen school closures as a result! Even the interruption in the educational sector is unprecedented in the current environment.

Online tutoring appears to be the sole beacon of hope and a way of life for kids in these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, where everyone is urged to observe social distance and handwashing has become the standard. While Maya Angelou once stated, “God put a rainbow in the sky,” the eLearning sector is providing support and is unquestionably in demand at this time, as campuses, schools, and institutions all across the world have been closed. It represents the turning point when most pupils started using online tutors while their parents and other people isolated themselves.

How Online Tutoring Platforms Have Stepped Up During The Pandemic Crisis

Technology has proven to be a blessing in a time like this, despite the fact that the coronavirus epidemic has brought the world to a standstill. Online tutoring platforms have stepped up to offer education as everything is currently shutting down and infection cases are increasing exponentially every day.

Despite the low recorded incidence of infections among children, they are thought to be the pandemic’s unseen victims. Experts fear that when the traditional educational institutions, such as schools and universities, close, there will be both short- and long-term effects on human wellbeing. Young students are actually benefiting from online education while their parents and carers are at risk of losing their employment and means of support.

The students of various countries have benefited from the generosity of several eLearning businesses by receiving free support. On the other hand, there are not many online tutoring services that allow parents who find themselves inadvertently teaching their children to upgrade. Other online tutoring platforms are guiding students in the direction of free resources and stepping up to the plate at a time like this when there is a real risk to their learning.

Because the United Nations is concerned about the effect that traditional schooling may have on a child’s mental health, it is time to promote alternate methods of education such as learning through radio, television, or online classes. An online tutor is like Santa Claus, brightening up a student and providing some sort of normalcy. While nature is providing a check and balance, and the true forces of natural selection are at play, an online tutor is providing a check and balance. During this time of year, when spring break is drawing near, students can rely on online tutors to serve as guardian angels. As a result of the feelings overwhelmed by their responsibilities to the community, some people attend as many as twenty classes every day.

Online tutoring as a business has thrived and is currently reaping the benefits of its success, despite the fact that the globe may appear to be confused and immobilized. It is without reasonable question that it is assisting students in coping with the difficult times that we are currently living in. For example, a student can easily access a virtual classroom and participate in a real-time study session with a whiteboard at any time that is convenient for them. The use of remote learning coupled with the availability of an online tutor around-the-clock has eradicated any and all challenges that a student might experience.

Students have the opportunity to become COVID-19 warriors even if their lessons are moving online, which may make it seem as though they would miss out on interacting with their peers in person. They can unlock the potential by acquiring knowledge online and continue to advance in order to one day pursue STEM fields of study (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). They have the opportunity to study virology in the hopes of eradicating viruses of this kind, preserving biodiversity, and protecting wildlife.

Way ahead

The goal in trying times is to raise awareness that knowledge is power. Today, online tutoring enables parents to offer their children their entire attention while working with a tutor to ensure that their academic performance is not compromised. Students should regard this as a separate scenario that they are in and will conquer, even though regular schooling may appear disrupted. No matter how dire the situation may continue to get in the coming years, online tutoring is a lifeboat since learning has not ceased.

Online education is becoming a support system for many people all around the world, and it is also assisting families in reducing stress and worry. One thing that particularly jumps out in this conflict is that both the students and the parents must constantly improve in order to win, even when one is compelled to seek refuge within the walls of the home and may have some sort of epiphany.

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